Food Safety

San Miguel County is delegated by Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment to provide core public health services according to The Food Protection Act (CRS 25 4 Part 16) to control the risk of illness transmittable through food and to achieve uniform standards for retail food industry.

Foodborne Illness, food poisoning or gastroenteritis can have varying degrees of severity, duration and contagion. Symptoms include diarrhea, vomiting and nausea, headache, malaise, fever and chills. Some pathogens are particularly harmful to people with weakened immune systems, such as the elderly and very young children, and can cause long term illness or death. Physical and chemical contamination to food can cause also illness or injury.

To report a foodborne illness or injury, or unsanitary conditions in a retail food establishment, please call 970-728-0447 and complete the Foodborne Illness Complaint Form (PDF).

Retail food establishment safety Inspections are conducted according to the Colorado Retail Food Rules and Regulations (6 CCR 1010-2) to identify hazards and potential sources of contamination in food prepared, sold, or served in retail food establishments. If a risk to public health is observed, appropriate corrective action is taken. Guidance and training is provided for long term compliance with public health standards. Retail food establishment inspection reports are public record and available by request.

Plans for new retail food facilities and exiting food facility upgrades are required to be reviewed by the regulatory authority to assure compliance with food industry standards. Service fees are charged to recover the cost of Environmental Health Department services.

Retail Food Establishment Regulations