Reproductive and Sexual Health Services

From childhood and throughout adulthood, sexual health affects who we are, how we present ourselves in society, how we nurture confidence and negotiating skills, who we choose as partners, how we take care of our bodies, and how we maintain our health.

Sexual health is a public health issue. It is an integral component of overall health and wellness across the lifespan. We respect the choices of all Coloradans and promote inclusive educational programs, recommend policies, and provide information and services so that all people can make informed sexual health decisions.

BC4U Telehealth Options (eligible to 24 years and younger)

San Miguel County is partnering with BC4U to provide free educational resources, birth control solutions, and other sexual health services to people in Colorado under the age of 25. Learn more and schedule a video visit here.

BC4U's video visit is the same free care and privacy of BC4U without going to a clinic. It’s like FaceTime but with a provider. You can get free medical advice AND any of the prescriptions below from anywhere you can video chat.

  • The Pill
  • Plan B
  • The Ring
  • The Shot
  • STI Treatment
  • Condoms

BC4U can also mail STI test kits and pregnancy tests to an address of your choice. 

What do I need before starting a video visit?

  • A phone, tablet, or computer with a video camera
  • An internet connection
  • San Miguel County Public Health has a private room and iPad you can use if you need a safe and confidential space.

When can I start?

It’s like a walk-in at a clinic, without having to walk in! You can have a video visit with a provider on-demand during these times:

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday

8:00am - 5:00pm MST

Tuesdays 8:00am - 7:00pm MST

Start a video visit with BC4U now!

Are you 25 years or older and looking for sexual health services?

Several local and regional organizations have affordable and confidential family planning services. Below are a list of a few places in the area:

  • Uncompahgre Medical Center, Norwood: Provides women and men's health services on a sliding fee scale. Call (970) 327-4233 for availability and more information.
  • Telluride Regional Medical Center, Telluride: Has a contraceptive access fund for those uninsured. Call (970) 728-3848 to schedule an appointment and to learn more.
  •  River Valley Family Health Centers, Montrose: Provides family planning services on a sliding fee scale. Will serve all patients, regardless of ability to pay. Call 970-497-3333 for more information.


Did you know that almost STIs are treatable?  The key is to get tested and know your status.  The following website provides resources for free in-home testing for STIs.  Order here today!