Filing a Survey Plat


The County Surveyor's land survey plats/right-of-way surveys are kept in a separate cabinet in the County Clerk's office. The responsibility for recording and indexing these plats was assigned to the County Clerk. The index for these plats is at the County Clerk's office at several convenient places: on the public computer, in a separate plat index book, and in a combined index book of County Surveyor's plats and recorded plats of the County Clerk's records.


  • Plats filed in the County Surveyor's file must comply with C.R.S. 38-50-101.
  • There must be a subtitle with the Section, Township, Range and Principal Meridian.
  •  The fee for each plat is $13 for 1 page, $10 for additional map pages. Make check payable to San Miguel County Clerk.
  • The dimensions of each plat are to be 18 by 24 inches or 24 by 36 inches, with a minimum 1-inch margin all around the drawing. Leave a blank area of 3 by 5 inches on the edge of the drawing area, for the County Clerk to attach a card with the filing information.
  • A recording certificate is required, with the preferred format as follows:
    San Miguel County Surveyor's Deposit Information
    Deposited this ____ day of ___________, 20___, at ____ m., in Book ___ of the County Surveyor's land survey plats/right-of-way surveys at Page ________, Index File No. _________.
  • Plats may be mailed, along with the fee, to the County Clerk. Please specify that you want to file the plat in the County Surveyor's files.

Old Survey Plats

The County Surveyor's office keeps a file of old unrecorded survey plats. These are kept in the County Surveyor's land survey plat file cabinet. The index includes these plats and they are specified with a designation of "A" after the index file number. Land surveyors who find old survey plats that are not part of the County Surveyor's files are encouraged to send copies of these plats to the County Surveyor to be filed. Do not take these directly to the County Clerk's office, but send them to the County Surveyor instead.

There is no fee for filing these old plats.