Note: Please choose the permit that best fits your project from the list below. Our permits are fillable PDFs, so please click on the link, download the permit, and then fill it out either electronically or by hand and return the completed form to Road and Bridge.

Driveway Permit

Any proposed access to a County Road requires a Driveway Permit (PDF). Note: A Development Permit is also required for driveways. Contact the Planning Department for additional information on Development Permits.

Excavation/Underground Utility Installation Permit

An Excavation/Utility Installation permit (PDF) is required for the installation of public utilities in and adjacent to the Right-of-Way. Private utilities are typically required to be bored, not open cut. Private utility installation is not generally permitted in the right-of-way. Please contact the Road and Bridge Department for case specific information.

Aboveground Work in the Right-of-Way

An Aboveground Work in ROW permit (PDF) is needed for all work in right-of-way or within public roads that does not meet criteria for the underground utility permit. 

Excess Hauling/Oversize/Overweight

An Excess Hauling permit (PDF) is required for any work or activity determined to be other than normal use or as defined in Board of County Commissioners Resolution 2021-03.  This shall include the regulation of the size and weight of vehicles, numbers of trips, or any work activity determined to be other than normal use as defined by BOCC Resolution 2021-03.

Special Event Permit

A Special Event permit (PDF) is required for any organized event in the County ROW. One permit may be submitted for multi-day or recurring events with the same or similar routes with all dates listed. Completed forms need to be received by our office four (4) weeks prior to event for processing.

Snowplowing/Winter Parking Permit

A Snowplowing/Winter Parking permit (PDF) is required for those who wish to perform snow removal services on a county road to an area not currently being served by the San Miguel County Road and Bridge Department.