Cost Share Program

The purpose of this program is to assist private landowners in their efforts to control infestations of state and county listed noxious weeds on land they own or operate. 

Cost share funds will be limited to 50% of the herbicide cost or $125 per acre, whichever is lowest, with up to $500 cost covered by the cost share. Cost share monies are limited and ineffective materials, incorrect rates, less than optimum timing, and any off label treatments will not be eligible for reimbursement. All materials purchased must be used in the current season. All herbicides must be purchased from the county.

Applications MUST denote acreage and weed species to be treated. Only weeds on the Colorado Department of Agriculture noxious weed list will be eligible. If you require assistance in identifying the weeds of concern, contact the Vegetation Control & Management Department at (970)327-0399 to schedule an appointment. (Weed Management Plans: $100 fee required).

All applications are subject to review by San Miguel County's Manager of Vegetation Control & Management. Completed applications can be emailed to, or printed and dropped off at the County office located at 1120 Summit Street in Norwood, CO.

Before and after treatment photos are highly desired and requested.