Board of County Commissioners

Board Members

  • Hilary Cooper, District 1 Commissioner
    Term Expires: January 12, 2025
  • Lance Waring, District 2 Commissioner
    Term Expires: January 8, 2023
  • Kris Holstrom, District 3 Commissioner
    Term Expires: January 12, 2025


The San Miguel County Board of Commissioners works to ensure our residents are healthy and flourishing and that our communities are safe and vibrant by:

  • Providing essential community services
  • Practicing responsible stewardship of our environment
  • Prioritizing long-term fiscal stability, and
  • Partnering with others to enhance the quality of life in San Miguel County and the region


The Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) serves as both the administrative and policy-making body for San Miguel County. While, generally, the BOCC has only those powers specifically conferred by the state General Assembly, courts have held that they have such implied powers as may be necessary to carry out their specified powers. Constitutionally, the BOCC also sits as the County Board of Equalization. The Board also fills all vacancies in county offices other than those for County Commissioner and for Public Trustee. All powers of the county, as a legal entity, are exercised by the Board of County Commissioners and not by its individual members.

Commissioner Districts

Commissioners are elected at large for 4-year staggered terms, though each must live in the geographic district for which he/she is running. San Miguel County Commissioners elected in 2016 and in 2018 and thereafter will be limited to two terms. Electors, in 2015, voted to restore term limitations on county commissioners.

Commissioner district boundaries map (PDF)

2021 Commissioner Redistricting

Please visit for information on the timeline, plan options, interactive maps and public comment opportunities. Comments can be submitted using this web form.

Static map of Option 1 (PDF)
Static map of Option 2 (PDF)
Static map of Option 3 (PDF)

Regular Meetings

The Board of County Commissioners holds public meetings two to three times per month. Locations vary between the Telluride and Norwood County offices. Please check the Board of County Commissioners meeting calendar for meeting dates and locations.

2021 Discussion and Meeting Dates (PDF)

Agendas, Packets, Minutes & Audio

Agendas and packets are available prior to the meetings. Audio is available after meetings. Minutes are available following approval.

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