Bilk Creek Climbing Wall

The Bilk Creek Climbing Wall and associated parking area are for climbers and purposes directly related to climbing only. Please help keep this area in its beautiful natural state by respecting the following restrictions.

  • No dogs or domestic animals
  • No littering or unsanitary conditions
  • No motorized vehicles beyond the parking area
  • No hunting, fishing, camping, picnicking, horseback riding, swimming, gold panning, discharging firearms or any other form of recreation except climbing
  • Please use the existing sustainable trail to descend from the top of the climbing wall. Please do not create new trails that cause unsightly erosion and threaten the loss of public access to the climbing wall

Bilk Creek Climbing Wall Trail: This switch back trail was built for climbers to access the anchor bolts at the top of the Bilk Creek Climbing Wall. The Bilk Creek trail that continues up the valley is private property on either side of the trail and is not maintained by the County.

Bilk Creek Wall website (PNG)