The Parks & Open Space Department maintains several county trails. View the NEW regional trail map (PDF) with the locations of all local trails and helpful tips. Detailed county trail descriptions and maps are below.

Also available is an overview map of the Galloping Goose Trail, managed by the United States Forest Service and San Miguel County, which allows hiking & bicycling travel from the Town of Telluride to Lizard Head Pass. View overview map (PDF).

Down Valley Connector Trail Feasibility Study

For information about this trail planning effort, please visit this page.

List of Trails

  • Aldasoro Trail: The Aldasoro Trail was constructed in 2016. This ~0.85-mile trail begins near the Aldasoro post office boxes and connects with Penelope’s Trail. The trail is accessed off the Airport Road and links up with the Remine Creek Trail (~1.13 miles), which provides single-track access all the way to the Galloping Goose Trail or the Town of Telluride bike path.  The Aldasoro Trail is closed to all recreational use in the winter (December 15th - March 15th) and is closed nightly from dusk to dawn during the season (March 16th - December 14th). Dogs must be leashed. Hikers and bikers welcome!  View the Aldasoro Trail map (PDF)
  • Angell Lode Natural Area: The trailhead is located off Surprise Avenue on the eastern side of the town of Placerville. The ~0.42-mile Angell Lode Natural Area trail ascends the hill to the east and passes an old mining cave as you continue towards other vanadium mines in the hills above Placerville. This trail is fairly primitive. No motorized vehicles and dogs must be on strict voice command. View the Angell Lode Trail map (PDF)
  • Bridal Veil Trail: This trail is the result of a cooperative effort with the Town of Telluride, Idarado Mining Company, Telluride Mountain Club and San Miguel County. The ~1.12-mile trail begins at the Valley View parking area east of Telluride. It links the parking area to Bridal Veil Falls and helps keep motorized and foot traffic separated. This trail is primitive and steep, with an elevation gain of 840 feet starting at 9,000 feet in elevation.  Please respect private property adjacent to the lower trail. No bikes allowed and dogs must be leashed. Maximum size for non-commercial groups is 20 and commercial / industrial use is not permitted. Seasonal closure: December 1 - April 30. View the Bridal Veil Trail map (PDF) Keystone Gorge Trail
  • Coal Chutes Loop Trail: This trail follows the historic Rio Grande Southern Railroad from the Sunshine Mesa Road near its intersection with County Road 63L (Ilium Road) up to the historic Coal Chutes. The trail forms a ~1.17-mile loop back to the Sunshine Mesa Road. Beyond the Coal Chutes to the north there are private lands (please do not trespass). No motorized vehicles, no camping and dogs must be on strict voice command. View the Coal Chutes Trail map (PDF)
  • Galloping Goose Connector: The Galloping Goose connector is a critical link between the Society Turn underpass and the Galloping Goose regional trail. With the completion of this ~0.4-mile trail, users can travel the 21 miles from the Town of Telluride to Lizard Head pass entirely off-highway. Dogs on a leash are permitted if accessing the Remine Creek Trail. Otherwise, dogs are not permitted on the section of this trail that connects with the Galloping Goose Trail. Dogs are not permitted because this is a preserved area for wildlife habitat and holds conservation values. Thanks for respecting the rules! View the Galloping Goose Connector map (PDF).
  • Galloping Goose Trail at Vance Junction: This section of the Galloping Goose Trail is located off the Ilium Road and follows the south fork of the San Miguel River from the Ilium Church Camp to the bridge approximately 0.57 miles upstream. This trail section is on the historic Rio Grande Southern railroad grade. Hikers and bikes welcome. No motorized vehicles. Dogs must be leashed or on strict voice command. View the Galloping Goose at Vance Junction Trail Map (PDF).
  • Idarado Legacy Trail:
  • This 1.24-mile trail is located between the Town of Telluride and the Idarado Mine in the east end of the Telluride valley. This improved trail is a great area to walk your dog, hike or bike. Interpretive signs have been installed along the trail to tell the story of mining history in the area. The trail terminates just before the Idarado Mill where the paved road turns to dirt and continues up to Bridal Veil Falls. Trail is open to all non-motorized uses.  Dogs must be on a leash or under strict voice command. View the Idarado Legacy Trail map (PDF).
  • Ingram Creek Spur Trail: This ~0.2-mile trail spur begins just past the Ingram Creek crossing on Black Bear Pass Road (K69) and connects to the Bridal Veil Trail. This trail separates hikers from motorized vehicles and is the result of a cooperative effort between San Miguel County and the Town of Telluride. It traverses rugged and natural terrain. No bikes allowed and dogs must be leashed. View the Ingram Creek Spur Trail map (PDF)
  • Keystone Gorge Loop Trail: This ~1.8-mile loop is located off the Galloping Goose trail system between Lawson Hill and Two Rivers. The conservation easement for this trail was dedicated to San Miguel County from The Nature Conservancy in 2009. The Keystone Gorge Trail follows the San Miguel River through the gorge and is connected by 2 newly built bridges. The lower suspension bridge is an impressively engineered structure that you need to see for yourself. This is a single-track hiking trail only. No dogs or mountain bikes allowed! View the Keystone Gorge Loop Trail map (PDF)
  • M59 River Trail: This trail is ~4.3 miles of dirt road closed to vehicular traffic used for recreational purposes. Access is just east of Sawpit on the right side of the highway or behind the state road shop adjacent to Deep Creek. This trail is open to hikers, bikers, Class I eBikes, horses, cross-country skiers (groomed track when conditions allow), fishermen, and boaters. No motorized vehicles allowed! Dogs must be leashed! View the M59 River Trail map (PDF).
  • Marshall Creek Trail: The ~0.72-mile Marshall Creek trail was reconstructed in 2015. This trail connects the western access to the Via Ferrata climbing route back to the Bridal Veil Road. Hikers only.  Dogs must be on a leash. View the Marshall Creek Trail map (PDF)
  • Norwood Trails: For more information on Norwood Trails, please go to the West End Trails Alliance page or visit the Norwood Parks and Recreation District website.
  • Remine Creek Connector Trail: The ~1.13-mile Remine Creek Trail connects the eastern end of the Aldasoro Trail to the underpass/bicycle path to Telluride and the Galloping Goose trail at Society Turn. The trail is closed to all recreational use in the winter (December 15th - March 15th) and is closed nightly from dusk to dawn during the season (March 16th to December 14th). Hikers and bikers welcome! Dogs must be leashed. Please stay on the trail to avoid trespassing on private property. There are gates on this trail. Depending on which direction you’re heading on the trail, you can either lean into the gate for it to open or you can use your elbow, foot, etc. to pull it open. View the Remine Creek Trail map (PDF)
  • Whiskey Charlie 62 Trail: The lower ~3.5-mile part of the trail follows the historic Rio Grande Southern railroad grade along Highway 62. The upper part of the Whiskey Charlie 62 Trail is a ~1.1-mile single track. The lower trailhead can be accessed approximately 1/4-mile up County Road X48 (Brown Ranch Road). The upper trailhead can be accessed approximately 1/4 mile up County Road 60X (opposite side of Highway 62 from the old Ski Dallas). The trail is open to hikers, bikers, horses and cross-country skiing. No motorized vehicles. Class I eBikes are allowed. Dogs must be on strict voice command. View the Whiskey Charlie 62 Trail map (PDF)

Aldasoro Recreational Easement Information

San Miguel County’s Open Space and Parks Program has secured a recreational easement for non-motorized cycling as follows:

  • In the Aldasoro Ranch Subdivision, the public is authorized to use each of the private roads in the subdivision for road bikes and a certain designated public single track trail accessible via a signed trailhead located off of Last Dollar Road.
  • In the Sunnyside Ranch Subdivision, the public is authorized to use the portion of private Aldasoro Road that crosses over the subdivision for road bikes. The public does not have the right to use any of the other private Sunnyside Ranch Subdivision roads located within the gated and fenced portion of the subdivision. Nor is the public authorized to use any trails located within the Sunnyside Ranch Subdivision, including Rudy Trail.
  • Please respect private property. Stay on main roads and designated trails. A map of Aldasoro roads (PDF) included in the recreational easement


An Adopt-a-Trail Program (PDF) has been developed for groups and organizations that wish to volunteer for light trail maintenance and perform a valuable community service.