San Miguel Basin Fair Board


The San Miguel Basin Fair Board administers the annual San Miguel Basin Fair


This Board consists of nine regular members and one member serving as an alternate. Members are appointed for two-year terms.

Staff Liaison

The CSU Extension Director and County Parks & Open Space Director are the staff liaisons.


  • Regan Snyder - President
  • Hugh Hardman - Vice President
  • Becky Hannigan - Secretary
  • Paige Starks - Treasurer
  • Brent Alexander
  • Makayla Gordon
  • KJ Johnson
  • Austin Smith
  • Dustin Wietzel
  • Vacant, Alternate

The San Miguel Basin Fair Board has 1 vacant alternate position open. If interested, please contact the Commissioner’s Office: (970)728-3844 or email the Commissioner’s Office. You can also find a generic application form on the Boards & Commissions page.

The Fair Board has established volunteer committees to assist with planning for the Annual San Miguel Basin Fair, Rodeo & Carnival. We encourage community participation. For more information, please contact Brent Alexander.