Procedure for Designation

  1. Submittal of nomination request to the Historical Commission by the San Miguel County Commissioners, the San Miguel Historical Commission, or the property owner. Applications for landmark designation must include the following:
    • Legal description of the location and boundaries of the property
    • A narrative describing the architectural, historical, and cultural significance of the property or district
    • Photographs showing the historical attributes and existing condition of the property
    • A map showing the location of the property
  2. A public hearing is held by the Commission on nominations for designation within 60 days of the application being filed.
  3. The Commission reviews the application for conformance with the criteria, considers relevant testimony and evidence, and gives the property owner and other interested parties the opportunity to present testimony or documentary evidence.
  4. The Commission shall either approve, modify and approve, or disapprove the proposal within 30 days after the conclusion of the public hearing.
  5. Upon receipt of a recommendation from the Commission, the BOCC shall make a determination regarding the request for historic designation within 30 days. The BOCC shall officially proclaim a designation by county resolution.