Additional Permit Applications

Development in San Miguel County may initiate with one of several different permit types issued by different departments or jurisdictions as determined by your project sequencing.

Most often, the first Department with which you will communicate will be the San Miguel County Planning Department, however, it may be the case that you will need to contact another office first. 

All Community Development applications can be applied for through SmartGov..

See below for more information:

  • Planning Department : For projects that include new or additional improvements/alterations to the exterior building envelope or parcel/lot.
  • OWTS (Septic): To install, alter, enlarge, or maintain a septic, or onsite wastewater treatment system.
  • Road & Bridge Department: To access your lot/parcel directly from a San Miguel County Road or to make other improvements in a County right-of-way.
  • Addressing/GIS: To apply for a new address.
  • If your project is located within Town of Norwood limits, please contact the Town of Norwood at 970-327-4288 to speak with the Norwood Planning & Zoning Department. If a building permit is required, please apply for a building permit with San Miguel County.