Government Affairs/Natural Resources

The San Miguel County Government Affairs/Natural Resources (GANR) Department supports the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) and County departments working to protect and enhance environmental quality and stewardship of lands, waters and natural resources in San Miguel County.  GANR acts as a liaison to state and federal agencies and assists the BOCC in providing relevant and timely feedback and comments on a broad array of state and federal legislative and environmental planning and rule-making processes.  For federal planning and National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA) processes, GANR coordinates the County’s activities and responsibilities as a Cooperating Agency. 

GANR provides project management for special projects and initiatives that further the mission of the County and goals of the BOCC.  GANR performs technical support, research and policy analysis services to County Departments on request. GANR coordinates the county organization’s sustainability efforts for energy efficiency and greenhouse gas reduction, including the County’s Watts Up! Initiative and SolSmart recognition.  GANR responds to citizen concerns and questions regarding natural resources for appropriate action.

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