On-Site Wastewater Treatment (Septic) Systems

The Building and Planning Department administers the permitting of individual on-site waste treatment systems (sewage treatment systems). All systems in the county and state are required to meet minimum standards established by state law. All new and improved OWTS's are required to be designed by a Professional Engineer. The permitting process ensures that the OWTS is designed to meet or exceed state and county standards to protect public health and the environment.

OWTS Process

New installations, replacements, enlargements, or repairs of OWTS systems require a Development Permit (see Development Permit Application (PDF)) and an OWTS Permit from the Building and Planning Department (see OWTS (Septic) Permit Application) (PDF). You must provide a site plan indicating the location of the proposed drain field and the location of buildings and wells in the area. 

The permit application fee for new installations and major repairs is $275 and for minor repairs is $150.  Payment may be made by check or cash and must be included with application. Please make checks payable to San Miguel County.

See the OWTS regulations (PDF) for more details.

Information can also be found on the Building page.