About Vegetation Management

About Us

The noxious weed department works throughout the county. Our mission is to halt the degradation of our environment by implementing an Integrated Weed Management Plan with the goal of preventing the introduction of new invaders, early recognition of those plants that do arrive, and stopping the spread of common noxious weeds already present within the county. Our program aims to reduce the effect of noxious weeds throughout the county and to promote sustainable landscapes through long term weed management and control. We provide educational and technical assistance to landowners and public agencies to assist in finding the best control methods at each site.

What We Do

  • Weed identification 
  • Weed Management Plans - $100
  • Direct assistance through a cost share for priority noxious weeds
  • Educational programs 
  • Annual surveys of noxious weed populations throughout the county, which facilitates early detection and ensures a more cost effective, and successful eradication program
  • Organization and leadership of community weed control efforts

Rules and Regulations

The County Weed Department adheres to the Colorado Noxious Weed Act (C.R.S TITLE 35 ARTICLE 5.5). Under this act, the State of Colorado designates specific plants as noxious weeds and places them into three categories emphasizing eradication and/or control based on species. Local advisory boards, can prioritize any CDA listed species, therefore requiring different control priorities than the CDA, based on occurrences in the local area. Noxious weeds have wide ranging ecological and economic impacts including reduced diversity and property values. Under the Colorado Noxious Weed Act local government is required to enforce the law, on both public and private property.

  1. Vegetation Control & Management

    Physical Address
    1120 Summit Street
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    Fax: 970-327-4090

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  3. Hannah Jimenez

    Associate Noxious Weed Manager