Report a Weed

Weeds on the Colorado State Noxious Weed list are the priority of the noxious weed department. For these weeds, we will visit the site and follow up with the property owner or agency responsible for the area. Our goal is to help make sure the weeds are controlled or eradicated (depending on species) through the best and most desired management approach. Sometimes this includes herbicides, biocontrols, mechanical treatments, or a combination of methods. Each method has a specific timeframe for control. It is also helpful for us know where weeds are, even if eradication or control is not required.  The county encourages all landowners to report any weed on the CDA list, because this helps us monitor the effects of the weeds throughout the county.

If you have any questions, please contact our office by email at or by phone at (970) 327-0399.

Report an Infestation

We need your help to find early infestation, while eradication is still possible! Report an infestation to

Control Noxious Weeds

For best management practices and fact sheets, please visit the Colorado Department of Agriculture's Noxious Weed Species ID page.

Weed Control Tips

Typically, it is more effective and less costly to manage weeds early in their lifecycle. Each weed species has specific growth cycles, root depths, and susceptibility to mechanical controls like hand pulling. Species like Myrtle Spurge and Leafy Spurge have a caustic sap which can cause severe irritation, blistering, or eye damage, so wearing gloves for all control activities is recommended and required when using herbicides. Biocontrols are an option in some cases depending on infestation size, but remember that these controls can take years to effectively control an infestation.

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