Building Code Adoption Task Force


The San Miguel County (SMC) Building Department is seeking individuals to serve on a one-time, advisory “Task Force” to aid with SMC’s 2018 building code adoption. Candidates should be experienced in any of the following: professional design, building construction/trades, and/or energy conservation. 

The Task Force will have frequent remote meetings for approximately 6 months beginning in May, 2021. Meeting topics will include code discussion, local challenges with specific areas of the codes, how to best gather community feedback, and more. 

With consultation from the Task Force, the SMC Building Department will determine appropriate amendments to proposed code that will benefit our community. 

To express your interest for a position on the Task Force, please send an email to the SMC Building Department containing a short narrative with your experience and why you are interested in assisting. Please send emails to:


6 months

Staff Liaison

The Chief Building Official is the liaison for this board