Revegetation Mixes

Approved revegetation mixes are available for purchase from the San Miguel County Weed Management Department. We offer two different mixes, one for the Telluride/Ophir area (higher altitude) and one for the Norwood/West End area. Please contact Julie at 970-327-0399.

Soil Preparation

Tilling or discing the soil, especially compacted soils, is necessary. The addition of plant based compost will add organic matter that will aid in the germination and establishment of the planted material. I would not recommend ripping except in certain situations.

All straw used has to be certified weed free with a tackifier or biodegradable mats used. Preferred time to seed is when the soil temperature is above 50° F in the spring and below 50° F in the fall.

Five plants per square foot is considered a success as per NRCS guidelines

Successful revegetation should be done in stages. Grass seed should be planted before establishing groundcovers, perennials, shrubs or trees to allow for weed treatments.

Depending on the size of the project a bond may be applied, and the San Miguel County Weed Manager will release the bond when inspected and approved.


Irrigate frequently until seed comes up. Irrigation should penetrate soil surface to 1 inch. After the grass breaks the surface, water less frequently but deeper. Most species germinate within 3 weeks.