Juvenile Justice Advocacy

SB94/SB215 Pre-Adjudicated Youth

Provides structure and funding to local jurisdictions for a continuum of services designed to ensure that youth are supervised/incarcerated at a level that is commensurate with their risk to the community

  • Supervision and Tracking
  • Judicial system advocacy for clients and parents
  • Community Evaluation Team recommendations to the court
  • Interventions including transportation support for client and families, psychological and substance use evaluations and client and family counseling support
  • Senate Bill 14-215 creates the Marijuana Tax Cash Fund - money from this fund is used to finance the Juvenile Services programs
  • Increase available programs to reduce the risk of substance use and abuse by children
  • Provides for Substance Abuse Prevention and Intervention:
    • Individual counseling with a certified addictions counselor
    • GRAM group (Get Real About Marijuana)
  • Provides for Substance Screening