DVCT Public Meetings

Down Valley Connector Trail Feasibility Study Public Meetings

Below is a letter, which was hand-delivered to the 150 residents who reside within the 3 mile corridor of the proposed Down Valley Connector Trail. Hard copy letters were also mailed to vacant property owners.

As mentioned in the letter, the 3 mile corridor has been broken into 5 segments, as depicted on the map on the main Feasibility Study web page here.  Homes exist within segments 1, 2 and 4 and public meetings were held based on these individual segments as listed below.

Segment 1 - Monday, October 3rd, 5:30 p.m.
Audio for the Q&A section has been recovered and can be found below. We apologize for the meeting recording technical difficulties and for any inconvenience.
Link to audio of the 10/3 meeting Q&A (MOV)
10/3 Presentation slides (PDF)

Segment 2 - Tuesday, October 4th, 5:30 p.m.
Link to 10/4 meeting recording (MP4)
10/4 Presentation slides (PDF)

Segment 4 - Wednesday, October 5th, 5:30 p.m.
Link to 10/5 meeting recording (MP4)
10/5 Presentation slides (PDF)

All meetings were held in the County’s 2nd floor conference room in the Miramonte Building, 333 W. Colorado Avenue, in Telluride.  Links to meeting recordings are provided above.

Letter Sent to Residents

Below is the letter, which was hand-delivered to residents who reside within the 3 mile corridor of the proposed Down Valley Connector Trail.  

Good Afternoon - The County has announced an exciting potential new trail project to benefit the Down Valley community by linking residents to the Town of Telluride.  This path is currently being referred to as the Down Valley Connector Trail (DVCT). 

A Feasibility Study for a 3 mile Down Valley Connector trail beginning at the County’s Down Valley Park in Placerville and connecting to the County’s existing M59 River trail just beyond the Sawpit community is underway.  This would be a non-motorized trail for pedestrians and bikers, and the County has hired Otak, Inc. to conduct this Feasibility Study.  Attached is a map, which depicts a potential alignment and more details.

The Feasibility Study is a continuation of previous studies/discussions surrounding this potential trail that have taken place within the Down Valley community the past few years.  The results of this Feasibility Study will be considered by the Board of County Commissioners to determine if funding will be sought to construct this project in future years.  

With the Feasibility Study underway, please expect to see contractors affiliated with this project working along this 3 mile stretch of Highway 145.  Otak will have land surveyors, environmental consultants, etc. on site during the Feasibility Study phase.

For additional project information, please tap into the County’s new webpage at  bit.ly//smcdvct and read the County’s press releases regarding this project.  As you will note on this webpage, there’s a registry for residents to enter in their name and contact information to receive notifications as project details are updated.

As a property owner residing within this proposed trail corridor and alignment, we’re contacting you for your thoughts and input regarding this project.  We’d like to walk you through the proposed trail alignment being studied, discuss its possibilities with you and work together to potentially bring this trail through to fruition.

Therefore, we’ve broken the proposed trail alignment into individual segments (total of 5) and are scheduling public community meetings with the property owners.  Based on individual addresses, people reside within segments 1, 2 and 4.  We’ve scheduled public informational meetings based on these segments and the schedule is listed above.  Meetings will be held in the County’s 2nd floor conf. room in the Miramonte Building, 333 W. Colorado Avenue, in Telluride.  Virtual Zoom options are also available to attend.

All questions should be directed to the County at dvct@sanmiguelcountyco.gov.  Thanks. 


Janet Kask, San Miguel County, Director, Parks & Open Space
Adam Borsch, PE LEED AP/Project Engineer, Otak, Inc.
Scott Belonger, PE, Otak, Inc.