Project Description

Project Scope  

San Miguel County is embarking on the development of the East End Master Plan.  The Master Plan is an overarching document that is forward-thinking in its approach, and serves as a policy resource when evaluating certain land use, infrastructure or economic matters in unincorporated San Miguel County. The Plan provides a critical opportunity for the community, non-profits, local jurisdictions, and industry leaders to work together to create and clarify a comprehensive vision for San Miguel County’s future.

Master Plan Primer (PDF) provides a general description of the principal purposes and objectives for a master plan.

Plan Area

The draft planning area for the East End encompasses the east end of San Miguel County and includes the unincorporated areas surrounding the Town of Telluride, Town of Mountain Village, and Town of Ophir as well as the unincorporated areas known as Lawson Hill, Ilium, Aldasoro Ranch, Ski Ranches, San Bernardo, Ames and Trout Lake. The planning area contains about 75,000 acres, of which about two-thirds is privately owned and one-third is US Forest Service land. Currently, about 70% of San Miguel County’s population lives in the Plan area. 

East End Master Plan Area Map (PDF)

Most Recent Draft Plan Area Map (PDF)


The Plan update will have a number of elements that include analysis of existing conditions, demographics, jobs, expected growth-related needs, water planning, and identification of anticipated issues that will arise as the region grows. Each element will include goals related to relevant topics, along with policies and proposed action items to help achieve the community’s goals for the future.

Plan Elements

  • Land Use
  • Transportation
  • Housing
  • Facilities and Services 
  • Utilities, Water & Wastewater, and Communications Infrastructure
  • Public Facilities
  • Economic Development
  • Natural Resources and Environment  
  • Parks, Recreation and Open Space (including Historic Resources and Trails)
  • Social Equity
  • Sustainability and Resiliency (including Climate and Community)