Recreation Roundtable

Locals and visitors alike are drawn to San Miguel County, Colorado for its natural surroundings and recreational opportunities.  Recreation helps drive the economy and improve the lifestyle of those who live in and visit this mountain community.  However, with the demand for outdoor access and trails ever increasing, and the challenge of balancing recreation and conservation, there is a need to coordinate thoughtful planning and decision-making regarding the myriad of recreational development opportunities that are responding to the increase in demand.

There are many exceptional agencies and programs that manage recreational opportunities in San Miguel County and work to protect the environment. These entities often undertake planning and policy-making processes. These processes often need, and sometimes require public input. The  Recreation Roundtable was developed and designed to be a diverse, representative body that is poised to deliver non-binding input and recommendations to these entities. We are providing a platform to learn and discuss all things recreation in San Miguel County.

Please contact if you would like to join or have a topic to discuss.

Meeting Recording 5/18/2023