Open Space Commission Work Plan

Mission Statement

The San Miguel County Open Space Commission seeks to protect, conserve and enhance lands important for open space, recreation, natural habitat, agriculture and scenic beauty throughout San Miguel County for this and future generations.

2023 Work Plan

San Miguel Land Heritage Program Goals

The Open Space Commission (OSC) will continue to facilitate the preservation of important lands in San Miguel County (SMC) by contributing funds for transaction costs associated with viable conservation easements being closed by certified land trusts.

Accomplished 2022Action Items 2023Budget 2023
9000+ acre LCE closed. Largest in County history.

Overview the properties in the County’s Land Heritage Program (LHP); review/consider potential additional LCE’s and make recommendations to the BOCC when appropriate.

$100K (Potential future LCEs)

Due diligence for LCE’s, appraisals, environmental assessments, etc.

$1K due diligence

Routine advertising$500 Routine advertising


Participate in and review the LHP on an as-needed basis.