Protests in Person

If you choose to present oral or written objections to the Assessor in person, you may elect to complete a protest form and deliver it to the Assessor at 333 W Colorado Ave, 2nd Floor, Telluride, CO. For your convenience, you may make an appointment to speak to an appraiser; however, please call ahead for an appointment at 970-728-3174. To preserve your right to protest, you must appear in the County Assessor’s Office on or before June 8. Please note - after June 8, your right to protest is lost.

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1. How and when is my property valued?
2. How do I find out the value and classification of my property?
3. What is a Notice of Valuation?
4. What is the current Valuation Period?
5. If I disagree with the value or classification of my real property, what remedies do I have to change it?
6. Protests by Mail or by Fax
7. Protests in Person
8. How do I learn the results of my protest?
9. If I disagree with the Assessor’s decision, how do I appeal it?
10. What kind of ‘evidence’ do I need to present to the County Board of Equalization?
11. How do I learn the results of my appeal to the County Board of Equalization?
12. If I disagree with the County Board of Equalization’s decision, how do I appeal it?
13. What if I forget to protest my valuation and I remember a year or so later; is there anything I can do?
14. What is the deadline for an Abatement Petition?
15. Where do I get an Abatement Petition?
16. How long does the Abatement process take?
17. Why does the Abatement process take so long?
18. What happens if the Assessor denies the Abatement Petition or if the taxpayer does not agree to the Assessor’s recommendation?
19. What kind of information needs to be submitted to a BOCC Abatement Petition Hearing by the Petitioner?
20. What kind of information does the Assessor’s Office have to submit to a BOCC Abatement Petition?