Where are nearby Veterans Cemeteries?

The VA directory of Colorado's national and state veteran's cemeteries can be found online. The Veterans Memorial Cemetery of Western Colorado in Grand Junction is the closest to San Miguel County.

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) National Cemetery Administration maintains three cemeteries in Colorado:

Fort Logan National Cemetery

4400 W. Kenyon Ave.

Denver, CO 80236

Contact: 303-761-0117

FAX: 303-781-9378

Burial Space: Open

Fort Lyon National Cemetery

15700 County Road HH

Las Animas, CO 81054

Phone: 303-761-0117

FAX: 303-781-9378

Burial Space: Open

Pikes Peak National Cemetery

10545 Drennan Road

Colorado Springs, CO 80923

Phone: 719-216-1025

Burial Space: Closed

The State of Colorado maintains two veterans cemeteries:

Veterans Memorial Cemetery Of Western Colorado

2830 Riverside Parkway

Grand Junction, CO 81501

Contact: Joana Iglesias, Cemetery Director

Phone: 970-263-8986

FAX: 970-257-7450

Colorado State Veterans Center At Homelake

3749 Sherman Ave.

Monte Vista, CO 81144

Mailing Address: 

P.O. Box 97

Homelake, CO 81135

Contact: Tyler Chacon, Director

Phone: 719-852-5118

FAX: 719-852-3881


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