What is the noxious weed control program?

The county noxious weed control program focuses on prevention, education, and technical assistance to the entire county for the control of noxious weeds. Early detection and landowner compliance greatly reduces costs associated with weed management, and elevates the efficacy of control in the county. Noxious weeds do not respect property boundaries and can spread from neighbor to neighbor.

Most noxious weeds grow rapidly March through October, and control is highly dependent on the growth stage of the weed. Each year the county surveys public lands within the county to evaluate the success of our work. We cannot get a complete picture of the severity of noxious weeds without citizens cooperating to report noxious weeds. We assist all landowners in the control of any noxious weed on their property. The use of herbicides is not a requirement, and the county weed department will work with each landowner to achieve eradication and/or control on a site by site basis.

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