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Sheriff's Office Compliments and Complaints Form

  1. San Miguel Sheriff's Badge
  2. San Miguel Sheriff's Office
  3. Compliment and Complaint Form
    Compliments: Sheriff Bill encourages citizens to share the details of a positive experience or interaction they may have had with a deputy or another member of his staff. If you would like to compliment the actions of a Sheriff's Office employee please use the form below.
  4. Complaints: The San Miguel County Sheriff's Office carefully investigates all complaints relating to deputy service and misconduct. We value your opinion and thank you for bringing the matter to our attention. Please complete all information as thoroughly and accurately as possible, providing as much detail as you remember.
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    We encourage the reporting of legitimate complaints. However, if you knowingly make a false report to law enforcement authorities about a crime or other incident, you can be charged with a class three misdemeanor. Filing a complaint against a Sheriff's Office employee will not lessen or otherwise affect the outcome of any criminal case in which you may be involved.
  13. I affirm that the information provided in this statement is true and factual to the best of my knowledge. I understand that it may be necessary for me to be interviewed or to provide other assistance during the investigation of a complaint.*
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